About us

From a former apparel buyer

To the mom buyer of children's clothing...


I am raising my daughter who will soon be three years old.

I am the sole owner of an online store.

Having my first child,

Ah, why do Japanese dolls have weird pictures on them... I wonder if they don't have simple, stylish clothes. I want to dress them in cuter clothes.


I thought about this every day as I raised my children.

And when my childcare leave ended, the company I had worked for for 10 years went bankrupt.

I looked for part-time work, but had a hard time finding one that would work for me while having a one-year-old daughter, so I had a hard time.

I used to work in Korea and China for about eight years, and I was a buyer for women's apparel.

I thought to myself, "There's something I can do!"

I decided to make a decision and open a business.

I hope that my selections will inspire many moms to think, "I've always wanted clothes like these!"

We select items that are easy to use and cute from a mother's perspective.

We also sell original products.

In the midst of your child's wonderful growth and memories

I hope that Wselect's clothes can add a little color to your life.

Wselect Tomoko Okumura

Instagram: Wselect.59