[Please read before purchasing] 
■Please check the Shopping Guide before purchasing. When you make a purchase, we will assume that you have understood the contents of the guide.

*We are not currently accepting inquiries by phone.
Please contact us in store or via DM on Instagram.

■Regarding pre-order items■ This includes pre-order items. Delivery time for pre-order items is approximately 3-5 weeks . We will arrange for shipping as soon as the product arrives, so please refrain from contacting us individually regarding detailed delivery dates. If you are happy to wait a little while, we appreciate your purchase. We are unable to provide exact measurements before the items arrive, so we ask that only those who can understand this purchase them. In addition, there is a possibility that pre-ordered items may be sold out by the manufacturer during production.
If the manufacturer is out of stock, we will contact you as soon as we know, but it may take up to a month before we know. *In the event of cancellation, we will cancel your order as soon as possible at the store to ensure that no orders are missed. If you purchase a pre-order item and an immediate delivery item at the same time, your order will be shipped as soon as all items are available. Please note that we cannot process separate packing after ordering. If you would like immediate delivery, please make payment separately from the reserved item. Since we place an order after receiving your order, we do not accept cancellations except for defective products. Thank you for your understanding. ■ If you are unable to receive your item due to an extended absence or an unknown address The shipping company will store your package for approximately one week from the date of initial delivery. The storage period may be shortened depending on the shipping conditions. *If you are having difficulty receiving your package after ordering and shipping, Please contact the shipping company directly with the parcel number in the shipping completion notification email. Please let us know the date that is convenient for you to receive it. If your package is delivered after the storage period has expired, it will be returned to the sender and will be rejected. Your order will be cancelled after the return is confirmed. Please note that shipping charges will be borne by the customer. *This also applies if delivery is not possible due to an unknown address, etc. When placing an order, please be sure to check the house number, room number, etc. before registering your address. [About invoices] We do not include a receipt with the shipped products. The order confirmation email will serve as your receipt. If you require a receipt, please be sure to contact us before shipping the product. Due to system limitations, we are unable to issue an invoice after receiving your order. Please be aware of this.

◆About overseas products◆
☑︎About the products Wselect sells children's clothing made in Korea, China, and other overseas countries.

Unlike Japanese products, the sewing quality may be inferior.

In addition, inspection standards may be slightly more lenient than Japanese standards.

・Frayed ・Outside tag ・Wrinkles from folding ・No shop, washing, or size tag ・Chalk marks ・Pattern misalignment ・Poor sewing ・Inconsistent sewing thread (different stitch colors)
・The design may differ slightly from the photo during the manufacturing process. (Button design may change, tags may differ, etc.)
*If there is a clear difference in the product, we will contact you in advance. Cancellation is possible.
-Even if the same color is ordered, the color may vary slightly.

☆Items without tags are not ones that have been cut off by our company, but are not attached during the manufacturing process. Half of the items we handle are items without tags.

☆Please understand that in order to provide products at a low price, the packaging is simple. If you purchase multiple items, we will ship them together as much as possible.

About inspection

Each item is inspected by hand when it is shipped from our overseas factories, when it arrives at our warehouse in Japan, and before it is delivered to customers.

We deliver items that meet the criteria above (excluding items that are difficult to wear or completely defective).
Please understand that this is due to the product's characteristics and is considered to be of good quality.

In addition, we do not accept returns or exchanges for reasons of the customer's own convenience.

Please be aware of the above and other characteristics of overseas products before making your purchase.

We will do our utmost to provide products that will satisfy our customers as much as possible.

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