Tomochan Select Great Value Select Bag

Introducing the Owner Select Happy Bag!

Manager's Selection [New Autumn/Winter Items 3-4 Piece Set]
A great value set for autumn (can also be used in spring) and winter.

We don't usually do lucky bags, but I'm really glad that everyone knows about our official website.

It is easy for customers who have not yet purchased from Dub Select to purchase.

We will provide you with a special set for Owner Select.

Of course, we would like to thank our loyal customers.

We have prepared this to show our appreciation for your continued support!!

The contents include autumn and winter items sold in our store.
Basically it contains casual items for both men and women.

Holds 1-2 Korean brand products such as anggo and Aosta.
If you are a size 80-90, you may be able to fit a romper in there.

The 5,500 yen option will include 3 to 4 items including accessories and clothing.

We have sizes from 80 to 120 available.
Please choose the size you prefer.

I would like to put in as many products as possible.

¥3,500 is an affordable price, but ¥5,500 is a much better deal!

It's a great deal because it's an autumn/winter item.

Just because it's a lucky bag doesn't mean you should put things you don't need in it.

Please rest assured (^^)/


Wselect carries several popular Korean children's clothing manufacturers. We offer a selection of natural and stylish products that are particular about product quality.

In their hometown of Aichi Prefecture, they set up stalls at markets two to three times a month,

At the event, customers can actually try out the products.

If you're in the area, please come and visit us!


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