Nice to meet you! Let me introduce myself.

nice to meet you!

I'm the owner, Tomoko (o'ー'o)

Now that the store has opened, I am 36 years old and a mother of a 3-year-old girl.

I've loved clothes since I was little, and as a child I often sketched dresses.

The job I've had the longest as an adult is in the apparel industry. I guess I just love clothes.

In my work in the apparel industry, I was in charge of buying accessories in Korea, and then I also worked as a clothes buyer in China.

It was a really tough company, so I worked really hard, but it was something I loved, so when I think back on it now, I think I did really well.

When I finally decided to quit my job, the president of the company said to me, "What are you going to do after you quit? I don't think you'll be able to get a regular job."

Huh? How rude! I thought to myself.

Before I knew it, he was saying, "I'm going to start an online store and purchase the goods and sell them myself."

So I came back to Nagoya from Tokyo, rented a corner of the company's rundown warehouse, and started Rakuten Ichiba from scratch.

It was a lot of fun because we had quite good sales considering we were a new, unknown store that just started out.

I came back to Nagoya, met my current husband and got married. During the first year of our marriage, I was also working as a manager for two apparel brands in other departments of the company.

I flew around to China, Tokyo, and Korea.

Just then, my daughter Mei came into my stomach.

If this timing hadn't happened, we might have gotten divorced. I was never home and we often fought.

He couldn't bear to see this and came down from heaven.

When she became pregnant, she was no longer able to work as a buyer, and as the company downsized, sales at the online store were gradually declining, so she decided to close the store.

The name of the shop at that time was [Wselect]

This time, the children's clothing store will also have the same name.

My first experience of pregnancy and child-rearing!

I can hardly leave the house, so my only enjoyment is buying clothes for my kids.

But at the time, there were no Japanese style children's clothes at all. I didn't know what to look for. It was an unknown world.

After my maternity leave, I became a part-time salesperson in the apparel department of a company, but the company went bankrupt within a few months!

After that, I started looking for a new job, but at the time my daughter had just turned one year old.

They were reluctant to hire housewives who might need time off at any time.

I realized that despite what everyone says about wanting women to work, it is actually so difficult for them to find work.

What I can do is...

That's right! Maybe I should try buying children's clothes?

There are some things in Korea and other countries that are cuter than in Japan, so I'm sure there are people who want them.

I think I can do it with an online shop because I've done it from scratch!

Once I decided to do it, I started it before I knew it.

That's how Wselect Baby&kids was born⭐︎⭐︎

So that you can share the feeling of "cuteness" with lots of moms.

I hope you will choose this restaurant again and again.

That is the meaning behind the name W select.

I would be happy to be able to interact with many people through this select shop.

Thank you for your cooperation.

W select Okumura

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