The denim that kids wear is so cute.

〇 A Korean children's clothing store based in Nagoya We also set up stalls at events where you can see our products in person, so be sure to check out our Marche exhibitor information.

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A dub celeb blog that is being updated secretly.

Wselect (Double Select) is completely my hobby.

The shop has a strong casual feel.

In the end, the clothes you can wear often are the ones you remember the most.

For children who are already prone to size-outs

The best clothes are the ones you can wear a lot!

We have a wide selection of clothes that are both cute and practical (^^♪

The hottest trend this spring is "denim"

We have prepared various types of denim ♪

This loose denim is really popular.

They will sell out quickly!!!

It's soft and has a cute design with large pockets.

Currently some items are available for immediate delivery (^^♪

And and,

The new work is here (^^♪

Flared denim!! So cute!!

It's a rare design, isn't it? It feels imported.

The bottoms are similar to leggings, so the waist is elastic.

Also, the gum is deep and it looks easy to wear.

Available in sizes from 90 to 130

The next is this!!

This is also a unique denim line.

The straight shape is also cute,

The design is easy for both boys and girls to wear.

We have lots of new items in stock.

Be sure to check it out~~

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