I love Korean children's clothing Anggo

Anggo, a popular Korean children's clothing brand

This is a popular product that is well-known on social media.

The appeal of Anggo is undoubtedly its relaxed lines.

Stylish, tight neckline.

In addition, the fabric is very durable and can withstand a lot of washing.

You can wear it for 2 years (^^)/

It's so cute how loose and plump it is.

The size is loose and the width is large, so I think you'll be fine with purchasing one that fits just right.

If it's too big it might slip a bit.

Please feel free to contact us regarding size etc.

The colours are mostly natural.

Many of the designs are popular among mothers of boys.

Dresses for girls are also available every season.

My daughter is a girl, but she has a high Anggo rate (^^)/

It's durable and comfortable to wear, so it's perfect for daycare.

But the backstory...

The president of Anggo is a really nice guy and helps me out a lot (;∀;) That's why I like him even more. lol

Personality and relationships are important in business relationships!

I'm going to continue to include Anggo in Wselect.

We will also introduce other manufacturers from time to time.


Wselect carries several popular Korean children's clothing manufacturers. We offer a selection of natural and stylish products that are particular about product quality.

In their hometown of Aichi Prefecture, they set up stalls at markets two to three times a month,

At the event, customers can actually try out the products.

If you're in the area, please come and visit us!


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